About Us

Who are we?

Burmas Our journey, which we started on a small scale with the registration of the name "Burmas" in 2011, turned into a large Burmas Family with the participation of new brands, new stores and most importantly, new teammates. The rightful position we have gained with the participation of all our employees after long studies; Combining with today's knowledge, technology and human resources, it has always been our main source of pride to take part in the projects of our valued customers both in the local and global arena. Likewise, we are working to do our job in the best way with the "bond of love" that we have established with the awareness that we are not only the sales channels of the brands we have been working with for years, but also their "showcases" where they directly come into contact with the end user.

In today's market conditions, in an environment where unfair competition reaches its peak and our competitors seek only material gains, the quality of the service we provide to our customers as the Burmas Family is combined with our most important treasure, our business ethics and discipline, and our real gain has come to light. In the words of our competitors, our customers, in our words, our friends saw our stores as a peaceful and friendly environment, not as a purchasing-oriented business center, and we will continue to work uninterruptedly to maintain this honor.

Our Vision

By combining the power and beauty of nature with all the possibilities of art, science and technology in the best way, it is to decorate all the spaces where our customers live with the widest color and texture options. By using all our resources, especially human resources, in the most efficient way; Our most important goal is to ensure the highest level of satisfaction of our customers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders.

Our Mission

To be a supplier that creates an internationally unique style, raises standards, offers its customers investment products and provides the world's most exclusive quartz surfaces for all lifestyles. Our driving force is our researcher, continuous development, passionate, professional employees and solution partners who share with us our dream of becoming an "exemplary brand" at world standards.