Human Resources

Human Resources

It is the basic principle of the Human Resources Department to ensure the working environment and satisfaction of the employees in which they can improve themselves. In this direction, Burmas Yapı offers all its employees a work environment based on mutual love, respect and trust, where they can develop themselves professionally.

The principles of Reliability, Teamwork, Quality Focus and Customer Satisfaction are at the forefront in Burmas Construction, which has the knowledge, equipment and experience required by the job, is open to development, has adopted ethical values, loves its profession and has a self-sacrificing staff.

During the recruitment process, the first interview is made by Human Resources, and the second interviews with the eligible candidates and technical / professional issues are held with the participation of the relevant managers. As a result of the evaluations and reference researches, the recruitment process is completed by agreeing with the candidate who is found favorable.

To take part in the developing and growing structure of <strong> Burmas Yapı </strong>; You can send your resume to <strong> </strong>.

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